Reflection Philosophy 1010

I thought this class was very intriguing, thoughtful and interesting. At first I came into the class eager to learn and now leaving with many more questions than when I started. My professor told us this would happen, but I don’t feel the need to know all the answers, I don’t believe any of us have all the answers. I enjoyed learning different theories on how our minds work, where we come from, how we got here and what the nature of reality is. I really had a good time in this class, my teacher was great and was very interested and expressive on what he talked about. He taught the class well through lectures, examples and readings. I learned a lot in this class, sometimes it was very difficult to wrap my mind around the subject but I always found myself wanting to share what I had learned that day. It helped me talking about it with my friends and family and learning other peoples point of view. This was definitely one of my favorite classes, though I liked all my classes this one made me think the most.

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